The Number Two Dog

Most one-dog owners at one time or another will ponder the thought of getting a second dog. There are many reasons for doing so. Company for the number one dog is the most common answer, while many would agree two is twice as fun.

Are you ready?

You are the proud parent of one very wonderful dog. In fact, so happy you are ready to extend the family! Before heading out on your search for number two there are a few questions you need to ask first.

Is your dog bored?

Boredom in dogs is a common problem for obtaining a second mate. Our canine friends are pack animals. Just like humans, they need company, socialising, mental and physical stimulation and all the care and treatment required to keep them happy and healthy.

A bored dog will develop bad habits such as digging, barking, escaping and aggression. If you are worried that your dog is bored, the first step is to ensure that you are providing enough environmental richness. This can include appropriately placed