Is college education worth $13.95 per page?

Today, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. It is easy and at the same time very convenient to use many on-line services and access valuable information that would otherwise be very hard to get without the Internet. There are thousands of on-line businesses that offer unique services. You can get assistance from a certified accountant in the confines of your home and, just as easily, you can find tons of information on Plato, not to mention checking your credit rating on-line. The Internet is here to make our lives easier. Yet, I want to tell you that convenience is not always good for a person. Let me give you a short example. I choose to type on my keyboard and enter a keyword custom essay in the search string. I instantly get dozens of sites that specialize in custom writing and research. This is a tempting service that is being offered to students nowadays. Imaging you have a large assignment in college, however, you just don't feel like doing it yourself. No problem at all. If you have a credit card with some money on it and access to the internet, you can consider your project done. I click on one of the sites that pop up on the screen, What I see is an attractive web page that not only offers access to thousands of prewritten papers but also provides customized papers for a fee. seems to brag about its writers, Ph. D and Master's level professionals who can handle any topic. These guys guarantee that their writing is 100% free of plagiarism and is fully authentic. Moreover, your project can be done in as early as 24 hours for as low as $24.95 per page. Not too bad if you are in a rush and need urgent assistance. I go to Here we are offered a very similar service package: authenticity, free outline, abstract, bibliography, guaranteed deadlines and free e-mail delivery. Moreover, these guys can handle your order in as early as 12 hours. Another site I checked, offers a similar service but charges twice as much for 3 day delivery ($22.95 as opposed to $13.95 per page at or Everything seems just perfect. Now you really don't need to spend so much time studying and can order everything on-line. However, you cannot purchase experience or skills that easily. It does not take long for one to realize that anyone soliciting the services of such sites involuntarily engages in cheating. Even though the sites publish a disclaimer, like the disclaim er from where they try to take all the associated responsibility off their shoulders and relay it to the one who uses their services, I find that attempt pretty cheap. It is very much like a drug dealer who sells crack to kids and explains that drugs are bad. I did not personally try the services of the aforementioned sites and, therefore, cannot testify about the quality of writing they do, however, I just think that one does not have to go that far. I just want to convince the audience that the services of such sites are of questionable value. If you order your term paper from, say, you officially acknowledge that the $35,000 you or your family spent on your education was a waste, because having someone else write your paper will not make you any smarter. Yet, you are the one to make a choice.