Improved car efficiency with performance part upgrades

Copyright 2006 Jason Bibb There are several aftermarket part upgrades that you can use to improve the way your car drives and handles on the road. Let's have a look at some of the most common car part upgrades and why they work: Reusable air filters can be used repeatedly and you do not need to worry about poor performance wither. High performance air filters are basically the things that do their job in race cars - and they will also do it well in your driving machine. As the airflow towards the engine is improved, you will notice a better response to the acceleration pedal. Apart from the extra horse power, performance air filters will also improve your fuel burning ration and thus your overall fuel economy. More power and less gas burned - this part is a must have for any serious driver. Power chips often replace your car's computer chip or enhance it with a power programmer. These are designed to change the stock settings and variables your engine runs on and improve horse power and thrust. The factory limitations can be overridden and this brings you quite a lot of extra power for a very little financial effort. Cold air intakes work well in combination with performance air filters. They suck in colder air and help the engine work at maximum efficiency. They allow an increase in horse power and they also make the engine sound better for sport enthusiasts. Performance exhausts allow the gases produced by the engine to get out of the exhaust system faster. This means that the engine has more room to harness the full power of its components and yet another boost in acceleration can be achieved. A small exhaust simply doesn't have the physical room to allow gases to be eliminated at an appropriate rate, so performance exhausts come in to make things better. Not only will they help torque and acceleration, they also help your engine burn les fuel due to a better-balanced exhaust. Stock parts are not always the best choice for your vehicle. Because of today's competitive car market, manufacturers are forced to lower their prices in order to stay on top, and this often leads to cuts in the quality of some stock car parts. Aftermarket performance parts are designed so that your power and torque are allowed to develop at a proper level while your fuel emissions are kept well below the maximum allowable limit.