Online degree/Course, When R U going to make a decision to enroll in one?

When you have thousands of options in front of you, it is difficult to pick one. If you have been searching for online degrees the chances are, your search won't come to an end until you make a decision to enroll in one. Decision to enroll within a set time period is important because otherwise your search is likely to continue without any objective. But once you have made a decision to enroll in online bachelors or MBA or any other course then you just have to choose one from 1000s of Universities and colleges, which are offering these courses. The more you search, the more information you are likely to have about the Universities and Colleges and courses. The end result is likely to be in the form of information overload. This would hinder your decision making power and you would find it difficult to pick one. One of my friends wanted a laptop. He searched on the Internet, asked everyone around about the specifications, costs and brands etc. Loaded with all this information he walked confidently into the computer warehouse. He found so many different types of laptops with so many different specifications that his head started to spin in half an hour or so. Different laptops have different specifications; some have this but lack something else. He went in that computer warehouse 4 or 5 times but still could not make any decision. As soon as he walked in the last time the sales assistants disappear at the back. They realized that he is just wasting their time and not serious about buying, because he was asking the same questions again and again. Anyway, he had to send his wife for the laptop, she walked in with two criteria, one DVD player/recorder and wireless networking enabled. She wanted a digital camera, so she choose the cheapest laptop and with the money she saved she bought a digital camera for herself. They both are happy with their equipments. The degree is not like buying a laptop because it has far reaching consequences for your future. But first you need to decide about your criteria. Once this is clear then you just need to make a decision to enroll within a set time period. This time period could be between in the region of one week to 6 months. Whatever time period suits you and whenever you feel you would be ready for the commitment, is for you to decide. This would make your search a lot easier. Many people would like to have a degree. They even have the complete information about different Universities and colleges but they still find it hard to make a decision to enroll. The problem is they are not sure about what to look for and what are their criteria about online degree. I read somewhere that food is hardly a criterion in life. For some people it might not be but I love it and it is one of the best criterions of my life. So it depends upon your criteria, it could be cost, accreditation, reputation of the University/ College, how many students are enrolled, how many students have actually completed, time commitment they are asking for, their lecturers, the support they provide, frequency of the online lectures etc. Decision to enroll in a set time period is one of the most important one, when you are searching. Let me explain, distance-learning courses and degrees have been around for a long time and most Universities and colleges offer these courses. Online degrees are comparatively new and are an extension of distance learning courses. If you had made up your mind to enroll in one, you could have found a university offering distance-learning degrees long time ago. But since you are still searching, your search is likely to continue until you decide to enroll within a set time period. It's now your call either to make up your mind or continue with your never-ending search. You can find some good information on the following website addresses.