Key To Memory Improvement Is Timely Revision

Key To Memory Improvement Is Timely Revision Regular revision improves your memory and gives you a better understanding of the subject. You should aim to do such general revision scientifically during the semester that will be discussed little later. Remember revision involves attempting questions, writing out definitions, proofs, drawing diagrams etc. and not just reading your notes over and over again. Use your original revision notes to check where there are gaps in your notes. Check your answers by using the original notes. Fill in forgotten facts with another color pen. Repeat the process until all the gaps have disappeared. It is the quality of your revision that is important not the quantity. Do not kid yourself that if you are reading something you are revising it; you need to be actively reading in order to use your study time constructively. Keep a record of your productivity, not just how long your revision sessions last. Planning The Revision At least 3 weeks before the exams start, draw up an exam timetable and revision plan and stick to it. A good starting point is to summarize the notes you have on each topic. You should try to reduce your notes to key words and phrases. This will form the basis of your revision notes. You can reduce your notes further so that information fits on one side of an A-4 page or an index card. Use diagrammatical notes if you remember material more easily in a visual form. Revision Strategies You have to chalk out an effective revision strategy for sharpening your memory, given below are few tips for effective revision: - For details please visit