Effective Use Of Memory

Effective Use Of Memory Do you at times feel that your understand everything but do not remember anything! You may say that god has given you bad memory. But that is not true, as god has given same memory to every body. Probably your memory is not trained? There is no good memory or bad memory, it is either trained or not trained. To get maximum out of your memory understand and follow Memory Principles to make your memory sharper. Why certain things go in memory forever while others are hard to remember depends on how you look at the things? Memory Principles are: - (a) Selectivity: You cannot memorize every thing in your textbooks. Use chapter subheadings, end of the chapter questions and graphs and charts to help choose what is most important. Recognize that you can concentrate on difficult subjects for short periods so breakdown the topic in small portions and concentrate on one at one time. Move on to next only after you are comfortable with the previous one. for details on memory principles and other study related tips please visit http://www.lulu.com/content/207853 http://www.lulu.com/content/206787 http://www.lulu.com/anilkumar