Stay Self Motivated

Stay Self Motivated To stay motivated to pursue desired results and finally achieve what you wanted is very important. Let me illustrate it through an example, Ankita is studying science in her final year in school. She is bright, though she has never managed better than 65 per cent average. Her class participation is spotty and she would rather spend her time for channel surfing, listening to music or chatting on the phone. But reality is slowly beginning to raise its head. A tiny spark of motivation is beginning to energize her study habits. She has understood the link between academic achievement and the kind of career she will get to pursue in the future. The revelation has not exactly transformed Ankita into an ace scholar. Studying will always be a means to an end for her and you can bet she will never enjoy it hugely. But at least she has recognized its utility. Now she has become little more serious in her efforts because she has realized that she has to improve her score to above 70% for the career she is aspiring for. Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation: Motivators are either intrinsic or extrinsic. What is the difference? You sign up for drama club fully knowing that it may not even fetch you points for extra-curricular work, you happily stay back for practice after school for two full weeks simply because you love acting. You also turn up for extra classes in mathematics right through the winter break. You hate the thought of committing all those dreadful formulae to memory and could not care less whether fractions are simple or complex, but you know it is necessary to pass in exams. In the first scenario, you are motivated by intrinsic factors - you stay back for drama class for no other reason than your true love for it and fact that you thoroughly enjoy it. The second scenario is an example of extrinsic motivation. While you have no interest in mathematics, your reward for taking the classes is external - you will be able to score better in your final examination, which will move you closer to your ultimate goal of securing a good job for your-self. Extrinsic motivation can help you wade through the boring or unpleasant tasks that are part of the process of reaching your goal. A vivid visual image of your final goal can be a powerful motivating force. For example, my sister would picture what her job, as a computer programmer would be like whenever she needed a little help getting through difficult exercises. Just figuring out her day in distant future as a programmer with out learning the required skills will motivate her to go ahead with the exercise though she did not like to do it now. For details visit