Attitude development

Your Attitude Matters There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. The fact you see or the state you are in remains the same, only the way you look at it changes. Positive thinking does not always get the job done but it changes the way you look at the things. Right now, just grasp the idea that your attitude in any given situation is your choice, and the attitude you choose will determine your happiness and achievements in life. Let me illustrate this with a story. It is about a young bride from the east whose husband was stationed in the desert during World War II. She decided to go with him even though she was told that the living conditions there were very bad and tough. While with her husband she lived in a small hutment of a village. Living conditions were really bad; the place was full of sand and was infected with snakes. The wind constantly blew and sand got into everything. The days were long and boring with no kind of entertainment available. The only people she saw were the tribal and they did not speak her language. When her husband was ordered further deep into desert on certain mission, she decided she just could not take it anymore. She wrote to her mother that she was coming home. Her mother answered with just two lines, "Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw the stars. After reading the lines over and over, she began to feel ashamed of herself. She did not really want to leave her husband. She made a choice to look for the stars. Over the next few weeks, she made friends with the tribal and started learning their language. They taught her weaving and pottery. She became fascinated with their culture, history and almost everything about them. She also began to study the desert and found it to be fascinating, not the desolate place she had been seeing. She wrote to her mother and got her to send books about the desert. She studied all the different types of trees. She collected seashells that were left there millions of years ago when the sand of the desert was an ocean floor. She eventually became such an expert that she wrote a book about it. What had changed? Not the desert; not the sand. By simply changing her own attitude, she had transformed a miserable experience into a highly rewarding one. That is the lesson we can learn. Your attitude is key to happiness and success in life, and you have complete control over it. Each of us shapes our own life, and the shape of it is determined by the attitude we hold most of the time. Attitude Is Important--It Affects: How successful you are in achieving your academic and personal goals. How you feel, mentally and physically and finally How you look, what you say and what you do all depends on your attitude. It is important to have positive attitude if you want to be stress free, happy and successful in life. Do You Have A Positive Attitude? You have a positive attitude if your answer to following questions is in affirmative: