Success...bottoms - up!

Who doesn't want to be successful? Even as kids, we dreamt of reaching the pinnacle someday. We get a lot of tips and pieces of advice on how to snag success in an instant and once it has stopped by right at our doorstep, there is nothing left to do but gush over it. People define success as where they desire to go, what they need to achieve and what skills they can give. Success is relative. Success can mean wealth, it can mean enhancement of one's talent. Success can be the be-all and end-all of someone's existence. If that is case, that person is totally drunk on success. The question "Are you drunk on success?" can mean two things: it can be "are you too engrossed with success that you're forgetting everything else" and it can also mean "are you finally enjoying what you have?" But the meaning leans toward more on the latter. Too much success is a good thing, but being too preoccupied on this success isn't. How to know if one is drunk on success? Read on to find out: 1. You are just too busy planning how to be more successful. You're way above successful but for you there is no such thing as successful enough so you work yourself to death and just ignore everything else. It is a classic case of being drunk on success. You are just so impossibly workaholic that there is no stopping you! 2. You tend to become selfish. For you, success gets depleted if you keep sharing so you just keep everything to yourself. Success has turned you to a tightwad and cheapskate. Oh no! 3. You turn to a materialistic person. Let's admit it, we all love gorging on material things but too much of them can just squeeze the values and goodness out of us. If being drunk on success means being drunk on everything that has a designer label, then it is best to assess things first. Again, this article points out that being too successful is not a bad thing. Oh no, of course not! But what if you haven't reached that success level yet, what can be done? To be drunk on success in a good way, remember the following: 1. Write down your goals. Then cross out every goal accomplished. Knowing your goals and seeing them all neatly written down can inspire you and motivate you more. Then soon enough, success will just come in an instant! 2. Prioritize. A lot of people have been taking priorities for granted. If you are aware of your priorities, then you know what things to accomplish first. Result? Success will come easily! 3. Don't watch too much TV. You heard it right? If you minimize the TV viewing then you can concentrate on other things. Breaking the couch potato habit can lead you to better things and before you know it, you're already drunk on success. 4. Positive thinking can go along way. Oh yes! If you envision positive results, expect yourself to gain positive results! People underestimate positive thinking and they shouldn't. Remember, you are what you think. If you are normally a pessimistic person, start looking at the brighter side! 5. Be friends with successful people. Not that you are going to use them or anything, but if you surround yourself with people you made it big, inspiration arrives early and easily. 6. Don't forget your values. This is such a basic thing. Never forget essential things in life like honesty, trust, kindness, courage and determination. If you are armed with all those values, success will not be elusive. 7. Have faith! Don't say to yourself that you cannot make it. Don't be stuck in a mindset that I will never get drunk on success. Have faith, my friend! Faith moves mountains, that we all know. 8. Keep learning. As soon as your mind becomes stagnant, nothing influential will ever happen to you. Keep learning! Read those books! Indulge yourself in intellectually stimulating conversations! 9. Never give up. They say failure comes when people stop trying. Remember that adage? Try and try until you succeed! Getting drunk and intoxicated on success is a good thing, only if one knows how to handle it properly. Don't let success get into your head. Keep yourself humble and grounded. Cheers!