What's the REAL Secret of Your Success?

What is the secret of success? Have you ever wonder how a person succeeds in his profession? Have you ever asked yourself how your neighbor became rich and famous? When you look at your surroundings, you will see signs of success. According to Benjamin Fairness, there are four vital ingredients to a successful endeavor. 1. Choose the field you love doing. It is said that if you want to stay long with a job, you must love your job. This means that you must have a mind to evaluate yourself, like what do you think are your strengths and interests? What are your weaknesses and dislikes? By having this self-check, you will now have a clear idea what you really want to do for the rest of your life. 2. Always give your best shot. We have a tendency to give our own very best when it is our last chance. Correct? No! You should always be attentive and giving your all into doing things. Applying your skills will produce desirable results not only to your endeavor but also within you - a feeling of strong satisfaction. 3. Grab opportunities. Opportunity knocks only once so why let it passes by? The moment it come on your way, do not hesitate, grab it! You must have a keen eye for a good opportunity that can lead you to your bright future. 4. Learn to be a member of a team. The gist of this item is that you must know how to listen and participate to a group. It also means that even if your the leader, you must always consider the feelings of other people, particularly your members. Listen to their views and comments. Learn from what they can truly share for the group. Be fair to all of them. Deal them with equal treatment. Most of the time, while you are overly occupied by your tasks, you are forgetting your "goals". You no longer have an idea that you are totally away from what you started and what you are dreaming to become. Goals should not be erased in your mind. They should be fix and clear to yourself while you are going through the course of your business. "Best" is said to be a no-limit standard. Doing your best to everything does not mean all success and no records of fail. Even if you tried doing your very best at something, sometimes things are happening not according to your plan. You feel then that your best is indeed not the best. If you're to ask someone, he or she will say that you have exerted your efforts. Boy, you really did your best. But come to think of it, if you are determined to perform it, you will not lose hope. It is like hoping for best among the bests. You still believe that your best is not yet reached its elasticity limit. You know that there is still a room for your to discover on how to surpass and be on top. If you want to reach for the stars, why are you going to think about limits? Remember that once you lose heart at first, you will never push through with your plans. Think on how you can reach your goals in life not on what will be the obstacles on the way. If you know you can do it, then believe yourself because you really can. If other people were able to make it, you too can make it! Be positive and practice looking at the bright side. Instead of viewing the glass as half-empty, you can see it as a half-full. Worrying can be a poison to your entire system. Let not it happen because you will never get places - not even a single step. How do you measure success? Can it be measured by having wealth, popularity or fame? Can it be measured by having a growing company or by having plenty of potential contacts? Or should I ask, can you measure success? If you think by having money is a success, are you now ready to congratulate yourself? Definitely not! It is because you still crave for more wealth. More money to come in your business. More income to provide you many things in life. To tell the truth, success cannot be measured. Being successful is how we define it. You should learn to be thankful that your efforts were rewarded. Success is appended to a simple term which is none other than - contentment or satisfaction.