The Secret Building Blocks of Leadership

What does it take to be the perfect leader? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect leader. This is the reason why many good leaders try to be better by self-studying, undergoing training workshops or mentoring. Others do the trial-and-error method, committing mistakes and learning from these errors. What does it take to be an effective leader? Below are 11 principles, or secret building blocks, of leadership. 1. You musk know yourself first and self-improve. Before you become a great leader, ask yourself first. What do I have that makes me capable of leading? What are my values? What are my attitudes and goals? Studying oneself either through self-reflection or interaction with other people will help you reassess your values and skills needed for leadership. After seeking your attributes and harness them. 2. Know your tasks. Being a leader does not mean you go bossing around other people, commanding them to do things that you yourself do not know or cannot do. You, of all people, should know your job and your followers