Life Is Boring In That Bubble

>From Seinfeld - Jerry: He's a bubble boy. George: A bubble boy?! Susan: What's a bubble boy?! Jerry: He lives in a bubble! George: BOY! When I consider everything good that's happened in my life, it's all been due to taking risks. When you look at your dreams, do they require you to sometimes be uncomfortable? To stretch outside of your safe zone - outside of your 'bubble'? Absolutely! Do you want to hear a confession? The first few times Kelly McCausey asked me to be on, I made excuses! I tried to hide in my bubble.... "I have Boy Scouts that night." "I'm not feeling well." BAWK! BAWK! I was terrified to record with her. I admired her so much and didn't want to make a fool out of myself. After this happened a few times, I was getting embarrassed. My friend Annette Yen and I dared each other to do one thing we were scared to do. She promised to write an article and I agreed to go on Kelly's show. We shoved each other out of our bubbles. Now, Annette is an article-writing machine - and Kelly can't get rid of me! Consider one of the biggest risks in life - parenthood. If we had been too scared to take the chance to become Moms, think of everything we'd be missing. Yes, it caused considerable agony at times. Being naked in a room of doctors? NOT fun. Dealing with a screaming baby in an airplane? Absolutely awkward. Driving your 4 year old to the emergency room with a broken leg? Downright terrifying. The rewards of parenthood? Priceless. Thank God for risks and rewards. Your business is the same way. Yes, it's hard to reach out and to take risks, but that's where the payoff is. Think about it. I hope that this year brings you rewards and joy beyond anything you can imagine. Dream big and set your goals high. You deserve every happiness.