motorcycle security advice

>From the comments made by my customers and the bikeing community this year I felt I had to tell you the hard facts about keeping your loved one safe. The fact is over 36,000 bikes are stolen in the UK ever year, 80% of these from home (have you wondered why you have a garage clause on your insurance?). When your bikes at home Fit a ground anchor at home and an approved chain, dont think putting your car in front of the garage helps either. Ive had so many people telling me that thieves have dragged the bike over the car and this just adds insult to injury. Dont leave your keys in an easy to find place in the house either, this is becoming more popular for stealing cars too. Try not to leave your garage open for more than you have to, more and more thieves are "casing" your property and bikes are being stolen to order. When returning home have a quick look who is behind you etc, im not saying to take a different route home every day and all that spy stuff but bikes are being followed. When your out and about Disclocks are useless, white van man is just going to pick the bike up, disclocks only stop the opportunist thief from pushing your bike away. Long shackle "U" locks are ok but remember to lock the bike to something. A cable that you can loop around a lamppost of similar is the best bet, high security chains can be heavy to carry constantly and a cable type is much lighter. Consider getting an additional chain for say outside work and just leave it outside so you dont have to carry it. Alarms Alarms I think come into the "tree falling in the woods" category, if there is no one to hear it whats the point. Even when people do hear the alarm it gets ignored. Consider fitting a paging alarm, these are getting cheaper all the time. Talking alarms are better than sirens, people tend to listen more a human voice. I hope this has given you food for thought and if you have any questions or just need some advice, contact me via the site below For more product reviews visit my site Tony Lewis