The ticket economy

Tickets to events have always been in demand - especially if they involved participation of people in the limelight - be it concerts, movies, games, shows - you name it. The bigger the event - the greater the demand. For blockbuster events, the sell out times can be as low as the time taken to make a cup of tea or coffee. Some big ticket vendors have come up with bookings through the telephone using operators numbering more than a thousand, despite which the tickets are sold out in minutes after the sale begins. About 25% of all tickets sold are sold through the internet for most events. Booking tickets through the internet is a competition not only against the other audience but also against the "scalpers" (people who sell tickets on the venue for a premium, a black market or illegal operation). The scalpers tend to pick up tickets for the seats that would have a good demand, and sometimes these seats fetch them upto ten times the face value. Never go by the advertised capacity, they never reflect the actual number of tickets available. The artists, advertisers, sponsors, VIP's establishment- all have their quotas reserved. Also there is the promotional quota that awards tickets to winners of competitions as prizes. Despite all the above odds, the show must go on. The concerts, the shows and the games will go on and the fans will go on with their umpteen tricks to get tickets and secure their seats. Internet resources for event ticketing are abundant. Atmtix is one and aims at being a complete resource for ATM services and ticketing needs of individuals. It is not a ticket brokering website but is only a resource that puts all aspects of ticketing together in one package.