Invest In More Than Business Opportunities

One of the most important attitudes you can have is the willingness to invest in yourself and your knowledge.

This is quite different from investing in "opportunities" to make money.

Investing in yourself means you are building skills that you can use in your life. Within the context of internet marketing, investing in yourself means spending money and time on materials that get you ducated on this business.

It may be marketing, site design, copy writing, email campaigns, search engines or any other topics. There's no shortage of information. In fact, I often say that information overload is our #1 occupational hazard.

Still, you can't stick your head in the sand and expect to build the skills necessary to succeed in this business.

Certainly, the payoff can be huge. I know dozens of people making six figures in this business. And many others making a nice supplemental part-time income. Working from home. No boss, etc. You know the dream, right?

My point is this: Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. If you feel lacking in a particular area, scout out for reputable resources, books, courses etc that will fill in that gap in your knowledge. Buy the course, read the material and put it into action.

And if it stinks, or it is too advanced or too simplistic - ask for a refund. You have every right to do so. Don't be shy. You deserve quality.

I don't know a single successful netrepreneur that hasn't made some purchases he or she regrets. That's life. But it also seems that the successful ones never stop investing in themselves, through courses, seminars and ebooks.

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