A moron's account of 4th grade.

Ah looking back on 4rth grade, it was not my favorite grade, 3erd grade was my favorite grad butt when I think about all the grades I had in school 4rth grade was not a bad grade. My teacher for 4rth grade was Mister Tony, he was a very smart and very nice teacher and he was also the biggest teacher in all my grades.

Back before he decided to be a teacher Mister Tony did some exciting stuff, he was over in Russia and he got cot by the KYB and they throwed him in this place called the doologs that was very cold and all they ever fed you was potatoes. Another time he was saline across the ocean and he got stuck in this place called the doldrums where the wind never blows and him and his friends had to paddle there boat across it and it took a long time and they ran out of food and had to eat flying fish.

Another thing that Mister Tony did that was neat was back when he was a boy he learned Kung Fu, he was over in China for a long time and this guy named Gandy tot him Kung Fu. He said he would teach Mister Tony on one condishun, that he promised never to use his Kung Fu to be a bully. Mister Tony had a black belt for Kung Fu, accept it didn