Can You Write Naturally and Get Good SE Ranking?

The most effective way to write for your website is to
keep the subject matter of your web page under tight
focus. Notice I didn't say website; that's because the
search engines don't spider websites, they spider web

The search engines will look to see how well the related
page title, keywords and body text apply to the subject
matter. This means that if you are talking about widgets,
your title, keywords and body copy should be tightly focused
only on widgets. Stray from your main subject only when
secondary ideas have very high relevancy and keep it short,
sweet and get right back to your main subject matter.

To begin with, pick out your web page title and then a set
of keywords that relate to your subject. After this, start
to write the body copy in a style you're comfortable with
and do your first draft.

While working on your first draft, use this guideline:

Use a rough outline to get your point across. Have a start,
a middle and an ending. Make your points in the very middle
of the body copy, as I'm doing right here.

Don't limit yourself to a mechanical formula for creating
a keyword density because it will get in the way of your
natural style.

Do your best to write in a free flowing manner as if
you are talking to a good friend. Stay away from words
or expressions that would make anybody reach for the

If you can get your style to loosen-up, have some fun as you
write for readers and visitors. Do your best to have the
real you come through in your chosen writing style. This
is something that will come on its own the more you do it.

For the second draft, do this:

Go over your writing and eliminate any fluff and revise it
to make your meaning come through better. It could be there
is an idea that needs expanding or perhaps you need to
restructure a paragraph. Maybe there is another word that
could provide a better description of an idea or term.

Finally, your third draft should include this:

Look at all the elements of your near finished piece and
see how logical and smooth the transition is from opening,
middle and closing paragraphs. Do they all seem to fit
together well? Are you fully informing your readers on the
subject without leaving out crucial information?

If you are satisfied with your results, it's time to go
live! Upload the web page to your server and take a look
at it; use this little web based utility I've found very
helpful, the Submit Express Meta Tags Analyzer:

The above utility will give you lots of information about
your web page. Once you enter your URL look at the results
and compare the relevancy numbers. Use the single keyword
and double or triple keyword phrase to adjust your final
results. Most of the time, you don't have to adjust your
writing, only your particular choice and order of keywords.

Adjust your keyword choice and do your best to get good to
excellent relevancy and keyword fit. Notice that this is the
last step in the process since you want to preserve as much
of your natural style as you can.
If you do your best to stay focused on the subject matter of
your web page, you shouldn't have to do many changes.


by Francisco Aloy

(C)2004 Francisco Aloy
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