Hay Fever Is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Thing

Remember, hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by grass and trees. And should not be confused with grass and tree fever, which is caused by hay.

Hay fever is a terrible horrible no good very bad thing because your eyes water and your nose runs and you look like you're dying.

And the only people who want to kiss you are sicker than you are.

Now, this important public service message from the National Runny Nose Institute. Remember, if you have hay fever, your illness need not necessarily lead to serious death if you follow these simple, tried and tested hay fever rules: 1. Stay away from pollen. 2. Do not sleep in trees. 3. Do not stick ragweed up your nose. 4. Whenever you feel like it, sneeze.
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Joe Hickman is a veteran humorist and editor at HaLife.com