Hercule Phallus and Early Viagra.

Viagra; latin-ish for re-enforce, derived from the Greek veristrong
Viagra also means metasplint; meta from the Greek hidden and splint from the English/American splint.
Yes, you all heard of it, but where did it come from?
This is a question that is often asked of me at the bridge club.

Originally, Viagra was a broad term to describe all forms of re-enforcement, but mainly used to provide some support to the tent poles of nomads. High winds such as the Mistral could snap the main support beam of a dwelling in two, and with impunity. The tent and its contents could easily be found scattered around the continent and was as much of an eyesore than it was a pointless loss of life.

Anyway, a clever little man familiar with the intricacies of tent structures, decided to take a masterful stance and arranged various money tails (post rigor mortis ) lengthways along a tent pole, and bound the lot together with shoelaces.
That year, it was the only erect tent north of the equator and he was even instrumental in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Another project of some fame was implementing wind resilience strategies, to the arm of the Statue of Liberty.
Hercule Phallus and his team of self-promoting goat herders were up late that year.

The Industrial Revolution brought with it, monies to expand any monkey business, and Hercule was given a limitless credit card account. With this money along with some personal consultation fees, he invented, tested and patented