I Bet I'll Get More Clicks By Putting Sex in the Title

You know I post a lot of articles on Goarticles so I thought I would make one just for this site.Obviously you could use it and give credit by taking this portion out,but I just thought I'd mention that the idea for this article comes solely from there.

You see after making article after article about some of the most random things I've come to realize a few things.I could make the funniest,coolest,and best article in the world and no one would ever even know about it unless the name centered around something contrversial.It seems people are like dogs,when I tell my dog he'll be going outside his ears perk up and he runs to the door.When people see the work sex,fuck,blows,or bitch they gladly click on a link because one reason...you're all tools.That's right,I wrote this completely non funny article and you read it,most likely because you thought I would make funny and im-mature references to sex in it,sorry I'll do that in my next article.This one is devoted to me telling you how much of a tool you are.That's why articles like this one can get more hits than ones like this one.See both of them rock faces more than Tom Petty,who was awesome in concert by the way.So yeah,I doubt anyone is still reading since they found out this article wasn't about sex,but oh well.That's ok with me.Now that I made my point let me end with a reminder that my next article probably will be about something immature and vulgar so look around for it.

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