If you can't laugh at yourself...

Just make fun of other people.I mean,the concept of making fun of someone is taken too serious.I saw some fat bitch who was shoved into a lot of mud.Did I laugh?Of course,I laughed my ass off the whole time she was down there.Did I help her?Hell no,it wouldn't have been so damned funny if I would have helped someone out.That's a crock of shit,someone that likes her should help out the bitch,not me.Very few people have enough respect from me to get help in a situation such as that one.

Also,why should people not make fun of fat people?Hell,if you're fat than it's not as if you can't help that.It's not as if you don't have a way to control your fattness.Therefore you should be easy to joke with.Usually people expect the fat kids to be easy to joke with.

Another example of laughing at others,I saw some kid today with a really tiny head.Not just a tiny head,but the kind of head you see on a really young kid.Now with stuff like this how can you not laugh?I mean the guy looks like Beetle Juice.You just have to laugh about that kind of shit.I bet if you're a panzy you're probably thinking of e-mailing me and asking me how I would feel if I were fat or if I had a small head.To stop any e-mails let me answer this one,may answer would be a little bit like this.

Personally I don't think it's all that big of a deal.If I were fat and someone called me fat I wouldn't wine and moan about how it's not my fault.I would hit my fatass to the gym.If I had a small head I would probably just use it for the better you know?I would be a comedian,the single look at my small head and large body would bring laughing for hours.Who cares if my jokes suck?I have a small head and that's funny no matter who you are.If you can't laugh at stupid bitches than how do you expect to entertained?

Yep,that answer is just about a good summary of why it's always good to make fun of others.It gives them encouragement to go out and do stuff.Hell,if no one gave you encouraging you'd end up sitting on your ass playing EverQuest all the time.What a waste,people made fun of Jared for being such an overweight peice of shit and where did he end up?He ended up with a fake set of teeth and on just about every fucking SubWay commercial in the world.Then you have my friend Bob Smith who was never made fun of.Oh,you never heard of him?That's right because he didn't do shit with his life.See my point?Making fun of others isn't a big deal and shouldn't be frowned upon.Maybe that bitch will invent mud-proof pants or something.Either that or lose weight,either would be awesome.

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