Let me give you some advice putting together a swing set takes more then one person. That is unless you enjoy suffering aches and pains in muscles you did not even know you had. My wife told me to get some help but I assured her by the pictures in the instructions it looked like one guy could do it. Boy was I wrong.

So there I was the swing set instruction book in one hand, while the other hand was waving goodbye to my wife as she drove off on a weeklong excursion at the shore with her lady friends. As I turned around to go back into the house I was thinking this was going to be a great week. I could get that swing set together in one or two days and then have the rest of the week to lie around watching videos and playing on my computer.

My wife was on the road to the shore, my kids were both away at camp for the week, so for me it was just an empty house, one simple building project and then relaxation. . What more could a guy ask for? Well for one thing cooler temperature and a weeks vacation to finish the project.

The next day dawned with bright sunshine, high humidity and temperatures in the high ninety