Your Business Deserves a Second Chance!

Your Business Deserves A Second Chance!
When you started your business, you dreamed your customers would love your products and services. They would be excited. You would make money doing what you love.
Then reality set in. You put lots of time in your business. You got fewer profits. Now you compete with every Tom, Dick and Harry to sell your product or service. The future is not secure.
Today, you get a second chance to change your business picture. A fresh start! In this article, you will focus on the second of five critical issues that influence how customers come to your business. Last issue we focused on your target population. This time, you can complete an exercise to clarify your marketing message.

The Need to be Different

The only way to be successful in our new economy is to be different, be unique and special to your market. When you separate yourself from your competitors, you can get back to the original dreams you had about owning your business. Over 3000 impressions bombard your customer every day, asking them to buy. How are you going to make yourself different from the 2999 impressions that he or she ignores each day?

Stake Out a Position

Complete this exercise to carve a position for your business and to clarify your marketing message. Start by answering the following questions: