Racing That Isn't Gay.

There are so many types of racing out there.You can watch Nascar,race in illegal street races,or even race little rascals against the people at the old folks home,but lets face it...these ways blow more than your mom.I am tired of seeing so many shitty ways of racing that I went out with a few of my friends and created a whole new way to do it.You see,some of you may be familiar with the Fisher Price toys Power Wheels right?You know the things that are made to look like popular real world cars and are made for little kids?

Well screw that because we found a much more kick ass use for them other than having some little kid running around at 3 MPH.That kind of shit is for pussies,I want some real speed in these beasts so one night we stole a few jeeps,with the little kid still in it(lie),and ripped all of the fucking gears out of it.Those gears hold back the entire jeep so it runs like shit.Than we stole two more,actually some old lady was throwing them out,and now we have the most kick ass racing in the world today.Behold,Power Wheels Racing,a new alternative for those who think racing is gay.The wrecks you see here are real.We're going about 20-30 MPH in little fucking pieces of plastic.I mean,what's more extreme than that?I beg you to find something.

When you wreck riding on one of these you get "Fucked Up".Not just fucked up,but really mangled.We originally had 4 drivers,but he is dead now,don't believe me?I don't blame you because I'm making shit up again.Hell I wrecked one of these beasts and I still have scars from them,but that's ok because the chicks dig the scars.They ask what it is and I tell them I got them from my racing career as a Power Wheels Racer.They jump all over me and start making out with me as soon as I say Power Wheels Racer.So I guess this article was just made to pimp out the site I made.Yes,I made that site too.It's so fucking awesome that I think you'll be jacking off to it in no time.

Oh yeah,I'll have a video of me jumping one of those beasts in the next few days so keep an eye on it and sign the guestbook.Hos.

About the Author

The Epic is founder of his personal site Power Wheels Racing.