Sales Appointment - The Dog

I once found myself in a rough area of town on a business appointment. My directions told me that I was to visit a corner shop and talk to the owner about some new financing for the purchase of his property.

Eventually I found the battered shop in a local street known as 'bomb alley'. Litter was all over the place and there were at least 3 abandoned cars in the road.

I knocked on the Corner Shop door, it was after closing time but I had been assured that the occupants would be in. Sure enough I heard scuffling around inside as my customer fumbled with his door keys.

He was a man in his mid 30's, scruffy looking but amiable enough. As he ushered me inside his dog rushed past and made a bee line for the living room. The guy was a kind enough soul. First thing he did was offer me a cup of tea.

I got about half way through my presentation before it happened. His dog suddenly shit in the corner of the room and then wandered off upstairs. I couldn't believe it. I was horrified. What was worse is that the man didn't appear to be all that concerned. I tried my best to carry on but both he and I were a little uncomfortable from that point. I really began to wish I was someplace else.

Fortunately his dog hadn't put him off signing the documents and the deal was done. As I was about to go he seemed a bit more relaxed. I exchanged small talk in the hallway and told him if there was anything else I could do he only needed to call me.

At this point he looked concerned and seemed a bit hesitant. I asked him if everything was OK. Just as he was about to answer the doorbell rang. Some young kid at the door, " Hey Mister, you seen my dog?"

At that point, hearing his masters call the hound made a bolt for the open doorway and ran out into the road. To say we were both amazed was an understatement. Just why hadn't the guy said anything? When I questioned him on this he said "Well apart from its little accident it seemed like a nice dog and I didn't want to complain".

I laughed and I cried all the way home.

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