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Save on Gas Prices
By Rocky Ramsey

With gas prices at an all-time high, I thought I'd share a
website with you from the Federal Trade Commission that gives
several suggestions for saving gas. You can check out the site

I thought about summarizing it for you, but after much
reflection, I decided against it. I could've mentioned that if
you have any extra weight in your car, you should get rid of it.
This means that the next time your mother-in-law wants to go
somewhere with you, you can tell her she needs to stay home
because you're trying to save gas and can't carry around any
extra weight. And it would be the truth.

Then there's the tip that you should inflate your tires to the
air pressure recommended by your owner's manual. I didn't
mention this because I knew as soon as I did, I'd get an email
like the following from Billy Bob Ray Bob. If you don't know
Billy Bob Ray Bob, you probably know one of his relatives.

Dear Rock,

I done went and tried one of them there suggestions you put
in your ezine. Cause my truck only gits 3 miles to the gallon
I would like to git better mileage.

I hooked up an air hose to pump up my tires, but it took too
dang long. I decided to go inside the store and git a beer
and some lottery tickets while I waited for it to pump up.

Well don't you know it that there tire got too much air in it
and done went and blew up!

Pieces of tire done flew through the window of that filling
station and broke that big window in front. Children screamed.
Car alarms go off and people run for cover cause they think
it's another one of them terror attacks.

My lawyer done tole me that I should tell you that he's suing
you for bad tips.


Billy Bob Ray Bob

Of course I would have to respond to this.

Dear Billy Bob Ray Bob:

I find it commendable that you want to increase your gas
mileage. If my truck only got 3 miles to the gallon, I'd want
to something to increase my gas mileage too. The
recommendation was to inflate your tires to the air pressure
recommended in your owner's manual, not to blow up your tire
and scare children.

- Rock

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