MY "I LOVE CHOCOLATE" DIET I really wanted to break my addiction to chocolate, but I have read that chocolate is actually GOOD for you, releases endorphins or something. I also wanted to eat healthy. I decided to combine the two and see how it works. I figured, if a little chocolate is good for you, a LOT of chocolate would be very good for you, and on the other side of the coin, too much would make me sick of it, hence breaking my addiction. I was sure this idea would really work. (Funny, I got very sick from drinking too much champagne once, and that did not stop me from consuming it other times)... but that was not an addiction. My over consumption and obsession with chocolate needed to be stopped. As with all diets, they say, you need a game plan. I decided to incorporate chocolate at every meal. And since I LOVE chocolate, that would not be a problem. Snacks would also incorporate chocolate. Imagine carrot sticks, not dipped in ranch dressing, but Hershey Syrup... an omelet for breakfast with melted chocolate chips. Getting enough fiber in one's diet is equally important. Just mix your Grape Nuts with chocolate pudding. Strawberries dipped in chocolate are VERY good... as are bananas, peaches, and any number of things. Day 1. Using the Atkins plan for high protein, and my idea of chocolate... for breakfast I fried two scrambled eggs in one-half stick of butter (fats are good for you too). I then added grated chocolate and some fiber cereal to make it really healthy. It looked pretty terrible, and did not taste too good either, but, hey, what health food does?? I gagged it down, followed by a glass of chocolate syrup laced orange juice, (which wasn't too bad). For lunch I tossed a delightful salad.