Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infra-red

Her passion and insight with regard to consumer goods, are unmatched. However, she can be confusing, such is her logical brain. Please make allowances.
Infra-red mouses do not have tails!

Allergies to mice can be traced back to a mouse!

You can afford to be careless with crumbs, and stuff.

Cats are less likely to call around.

Consequently, dogs are less likely to call around. Incidentally, I was on the Internet last night and discovered that dogs actually like cats, and only eat them by accident. Technically, dogs have over-affectionate teeth!

An infra-red mouse does not bite and skirts don't have to be tied between the legs but fixing around the waist is still recommended.

Mice carry fleas, and snakes don't especially like infra-red mice, regardless of what they carry so you can keep an "ordinary-red" or "regular-red" snake.

Hang on!!!!......I see that the boss has left the building.... should I mention the old proverb?

If you really need to hear about the other one or two reasons, it will have to wait. My esteemed editor attributes his so-called sucess to "only creating the illusion of work, while the boss is looking and conserving energy for evasive purposes while he is not".
Who am I to argue with such a sucessful idiot?

Tranni D'Electric

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Tranni D'Electric is an expert columnist on electronic and consumer product at The Trivial Times