Terry The Sick Kunt

There once was a boy named Terry. He was a nice fella but he had a few issues. One of his biggest issues was that he always tried to be a sick kunt. He used to be like this because he thought he needed to be seen by others in a particular way. This was especially common around the company of girls. Here's an example of one of his lines to a male friend: Get me a drink bitch!

Now this may sound like normal behaviour between joking friends but I assure you this is different. You see, it is never done when others are not around to witness it. Only around "new friends" or people that don't know him well will this behaviour be "switched on". Terry may think that if he acts in this way others will think, "This guy is so cool, he talks to his mates as if they are trash. He must be a sick kunt." Sadly, the reality is that people just see Terry as a sad ass homo that needs help. They may even feel a bit sorry for him.

So what's the moral to this story you ask? Always be yourself, not a science fiction movie character, Snoop Dogg or anyone else for that matter. If that's not enough for people then fuk 'em. It's about gaining respect the proper way - With honesty and integrity. It may take you longer but it will last a lifetime.

About the Author

Kham is the webmaster of Wallpaper World and the author of Gronky.com.