Broadband - Will it Affect Your Online Marketing Future?

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Francisco Aloy

The coming age of general Broadband use bearing down upon
us, minute by minute, is going to leave many changes in its wake.
Some will be welcome; others will demand all we can do,
just to keep up!

Of course, items like high quality graphics, streaming video
and movies on demand will be commonplace. On the other hand,
Broadband spells the end of most common text-only websites.
Let's face it: the consumer wants more! Offering a good deal
with high quality service won't do it anymore.

Websites that cater to the newfound appetite for quality
audio and video content will get the sale. Obviously, that
makes perfect sense! It brings to mind an experience I had
while learning Photoshop. I purchased a very big manual and
it took me three weeks just to get my feet wet. A good
friend bought a video tutorial and arrived at my level of
skill in two days!

There are many other things audio and video can explain
better and in much shorter time than text, as in the example
above. We're not talking just innovation; but also, the very
deep and long-lasting impact the technology is going to

I was reading an informative article written by Darrin Coe,
titled "The Internet Consumer Exposed." It's a piece
compiled from larger studies of the habits and lifestyles of
Internet centered consumers. By the conclusions reached in
the item, it does appear the consumer will smile upon the
coming Broadband changes. Here is Darrin's website:

There are some Marketers actively staking out their
Broadband future. One that comes to mind is Jim Edwards.
Jim is also a well known writer and syndicated newspaper
columnist and - not to mention - a very pleasant person.

A week or so ago, I received an email from Jim inviting me
to witness the birth of his new multimedia Newsletter "I Gotta
tell You." I was speechless! Very seldom do we get to watch
one of the early events giving birth to a revolution! It is
content delivery that's light years away and it will only
get better and better. Good work Jim!

Here is Jim's Newsletter:

Another application that's blazing a trail into Broadband is
the Instant Video Generator sold by Armand Morin, Alex
Mandossian and Rick Raddatz. Though they claim it works as
well with a dial up connection, I can see it carving out a
big chunk of the Broadband market. I've gone to the website
and viewed a few presentations. It does seem to work quite
well! The buffering is almost instantaneous and the quality
very good. Here is the website:


Start taking the necessary steps to get on the multimedia
bandwagon or suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs!
Broadband dominance will become an inescapable reality of
the very near future. As Stark Trek's Borg say:
"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!"


by Francisco Aloy

(C)2004 Francisco Aloy
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