The Wildcat's Beginning
In the beginning when all things were nice
There were no wildcats, there were no mice
And then one day the old man came out
And said, "Let there be wildcats!"
This he did shout.
Then low and behold, a furry wildcat was born
Meowing about on my Cwanga's farm.
He said, "I'll do you no harm"
With a sly little smile and plenty of charm.
Oh how that wildcat could lie
With a smug look and a twinkle in his eye.
The struggle between the two lasted for years
Sometimes with laughter and a few tears.
Why o why couldn't they be friends?
Love each other and make amends.
The wildcat had a beginning and has an end.
His death could come around the next bend.
Victory over the wildcat will certainly come
Give me a piece of strawberry bubble gum.

Irvin L. Rozier