Want to blow up a city? Try Ebay.

Want to buy a missile launcher? This decomissioned Soviet FROG Missile Launcher, capable of launching a massively leathal ballistic warhead, was put up for sale on ebay recently.

Shiny*Things, the seller of this beast, claims:

"I believe this is the biggest Petrol Twin V8 14ltr SUV you will find, and will easily make Humvee's look like tiny dinky toys."

At least he's honest.

Ebay wanted to take the item down because it originally included the actual warhead! Shiny*things has since removed the warhead as part of the offer, but if you are itching to to drive this 10-ton fiberglass monstrosity into the sun, your titanium chassis towering above the street, AND if you have about $40,000 to spare, this decomissioned FROG missile launcher is for you.

Originally posted by David Saharkhiz at GoArticles.

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