Who Will I Choose?

I'm still feeling light-headed about my dream last night. I cannot believe it. After waiting for a peaceful sleep for the past couple of weeks and actually enjoying it, I faced a very scary dilemma. I had a dream, no, no, it's a nightmare. And I'm dreading to sleep later because until now I don't have the answer to the terrifying question.

I was practically enjoying the calm feeling of my sleep when out nowhere I was standing in the middle of a very very big arena. I was distressed and confused by the sudden change of surroundings. I was starting to be afraid when I heard a thundering sound coming from my back. Ready to shout with all my might, I turned around and my jaw dropped not because of my scream but because of an outmost amazement.

My king, the love of my life, was riding his horse,Brego, and stopped infront of me. Oh, my Aragorn, I cannot believe it. I was about to finally let a scream of delight pass through me when he grabbed my hand and offered the most outrageuos proposal I've heard in my whole life. He wanted me to be his queen. At long last, he said, Arwen was out of his life and he came to me because I am the only one his heart desires. Ohhh, what can I say? How can a lady like me answer an offer like that?

I just can't let my system believe that. Me, the self-proclaimed superstar against Arwen, the most beautiful of all living beings in Middle-earth. And I actually won! Oh yes, my king finally realized that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that I'm the one that will love him for all eternity.

I was so busy thinking how brave and passionate and full of wisdom my king was that I didn't see the kiss coming. Yes, the kiss. The most thrilling, the most exciting, the most stimulating kiss I've ever had in twenty years of being alive.

He was my king, my real destiny. and I'm so certain about that that I was accepting his proposal when poofff... a figure of a man riding in a hippogriff. This can't be true. It's too good to be true. No, no, no, not now!

Buckbeak landed and then came my rebellious lover, my other half, Sirius Black. He came and embraced me fiercely that I momentarily forgot my king. The warmth of Sirius' body against mine creates friction no one else can imagine, as always. The moments that we had together flashed back in my mind like a hot fluid that's burning my soul.

Three words he uttered, "You are mine!" and I know that I can never turn my back on him. Now, I am confused, of course I cannot turn my back on my soulmate, what am I thinking?

Yes, I am his only. No one can possess me like the way he had. No one can touch me and make me burn like the way he laways do.

Oh my god, this isn't happening. No! No! No! I stepped backward, looked at my king's solemn eyes and my lover's provocative lips. I can never choose one. I can never let one go!

Hmmm, now I have decided. I'm going to be selfish. I will never let them go. I will be a queen and then a lover, a lover and then a queen.

Nobody can question me. Why?

Because it's my dream. Ha! Ha! Ha!

About the Author: ohhh, stll dreaming about them.

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