College Entertainment for Less

Most of these activities are free or very cheap:

* Campus music or dance recitals

* College theater productions

* Guest speakers

* Poetry readings

* Museum tours

* Sports-either participate or go route for your school

* Film and video showings

* Art openings

* Clubs on campus

If you are looking to stray away from campus here are some off campus fun frugal ideas:

* Go watch a local band, they usually play at bars but the cover is usually $5-$10 to sit and enjoy and be in a sociable setting

* Go to the movies, catch the matinee film during the day when prices are less expensive

* Explore natural parks or recreation facilities where you can work out or simply enjoy the surrounding

* If you have a pool in your apartment complex or have friends that do, gather round and soak up the rays and have some fun.

* If you are in cold climates, go sledding in the wintertime, it