Dont Let 2006 goals defeat you

Keith Rosen Master Certified Coach discusses Achieving Goals in 2006:

Every December, I make the request that all clients send me their goals for the following year. And every year, I very supportively send them back with a few minor suggestions to ensure the greatest results as they relate to achieving their goals with the least amount of risk or stress.

Most often, I sense goal overload! In our excitement and exuberance for creating new possibilities in the New Year, when have tendency to add a bit too many tasks, resolutions and goals on our plate, which ultimately leads to exactly what we wanted to avoid in the first place, which was repeating the past and just giving up.

I find that at least half of the goals that people send me can be removed from your goal list yet still be attained and part of your weekly schedule because they are more lifestyle/routine activities that will be residing in your routine, (tennis, family time, prospecting, gym, other commitments, meetings, etc.)

Keep in mind, the real indication of how many new goals you can realistically take on will be evident in your routine. When you break down your goals into the measurable actions with specific timelines, you will be able to see whether or not there's room for them to live in your daily or weekly schedule.

responses regarding your life goals.