Why Leaders Always Follow Their Instincts

What separates a rich person from an ordinary person? The answer to that question is attitude. If one believes that the individual is capable of succeeding, it will happen. All it takes is some hard work and patience for everything to fall into place for that dream to become a reality. This all starts on how an individual is brought up. This is nurtured from childhood in the forms of ideas and beliefs that one has learned through experience and has been taught by parents, peers and society. This develops later on in college until the person has already found work. It is a continuous process where one evolves and when the time is right, it will just come out and unleash its brilliance to everyone. Industry leaders at times make strategic decisions that are not normal. These people sometimes take a gamble and hope that it works. Nobody thought that building a city in the middle of the desert will work. Years later, it is thriving with business which is known today as Las Vegas. The main reason why leaders sometimes follow ones instincts is because something is calling on the person to do it. This is the similar to people who survived a plane crash and will do whatever it takes to make it out alive and be rescued. These people don