Holdup Prevention

Use the measures outlined in this page to prevent holdups. - Call the police at once if you notice suspicious strangers loitering near or in your place of business. - Never block the view into your store by crowding display windows. It is important to maintain visibility into your business extablishment at all times. - Secure your teller and cashier operations. Install barriers to keep unauthorized persons out of these areas. - If practical, mark doorways at varying heights to allow proper identification of robber's height. - Install a hold up alarm system. - Install a timed delay switch to turn off exterior lights after your employees have gone for the night. - Use two people to open and close your business. Establish a system of prearranged signals. One person should stay outside until the other gives the all clear signal. - Keep cash on the premises to a minimum. Make frequent pickups of money from registers and make regular bank deposits. - Do not establish a habitual routine when making bank deposits. Robbers will soon learn it. - Keep the safe in your place of business locked at all times. - Check the references of job applicants before you hire them. - In the event you are contacted about an emergency at your business, and the call is of questionable validity, please verify the call with the police dispatcher, before going to your business. - Have frequent meetings with your employees in order to familiarize them with hold up prevention measures. If You Are Held Up: - Remain calm. - Do not resist. - Be identification conscious. Observe the hold up suspect carefully for future identification. - Report the robbery immediately - dial 911 and don't hang up. - If possible, protect the crime scene: do not let anyone disturb it. Wait for the police. - Cooperate with police. By doing as they request, you will help solve the crime. - Reduce criminal opportunity. - Protect your business. Stay safe! Visit http://www.UrbanSafetySupplies.com and http://www.HiTechHiddenCameras.com for all of your self defense and security item needs.