Since the beginning of time, man is already seeking greatness. Glory, gold and God were three major reasons that fueled a Colonial World. Greatness is sought after by all people. Fame, wealth, prestige and many other forms of power are considered greatness but what does greatness really mean? Here are realistic, biblical principles to greatness: 1. Greatness is when you do not follow the crowd. Noah was considered a crazy man when he built the ark. Great people are often people with intense desires that they stand above the rest. Gandhi is one of the most influential leaders of his time, and his greatness can be attributed to his conviction to have a peaceful means of protest. If he gave in to the pressures of the crowd and succumbed to their desire for a violent means of protesting, then history as we know it would be different. People who think outside the common knowledge of the crowd, people who think outside the box. They are given the chance to be great. 2. Greatness is when you offer yourself to the service of others. Great leaders all throughout history are leaders that are self sacrificing. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving up himself to all. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 20 years, without his sacrifices for South Africa; the world would be different right now. Bolivar also served his generation. He took the call to arms, and thus resulting in the birth of a nation, Bolivia is named after him. Contrary to the crowd