The Aspects of Success

Several people can be quoted saying that success is relative. What a person may have achieved in their lifetime may or may not be considered as successful by another person. It may be true that success can be measured through different ways. Success can be associated with the possession of different things that can be standards on how far a person has gone through their career. Here are some definitions to which success is being related. * Success is Financial Freedom This is probably the most widely known meaning associated with success. People say that financial freedom is being able to provide for oneself or one's family without having to worry about how much they are spending. Financial freedom is also associated with being able to buy what you want because you have the money to spend. In this way, financial freedom also includes acquiring the things that you have been dreaming of. It may be having your dream house, your own luxury car, your shares of stocks, a sports club membership - whatever a person has dreamed that they can acquire when they are in the peak of their careers. * Success is being a Company's Executive. Some people define success as getting to the top of the career ladder. They aim to be one of the company's executives who can make critical decisions for the company and their employees. There are people who work hard to achieve this goal. They associate being the top executive as having the authority and the respect of their subordinates. They feel that they have achieved enough if their skills were recognized and they were promoted to the highest positions in the company. * Success is getting your Dream Job. There are people whose goals are to get their dream job. Due to the difficulty in finding a job these days, people settle to work in a job that they don't even like. Some even decide to get a job that is not even related to their field of study or their interests. After spending time in that job, or being able to provide for the family or send the kids to school, these people try to find opportunities in their chosen field. Many times, these people do not even consider how much they will be paid, or if they will be rejected since they will be neophytes in their chosen field. They feel that their ultimate goal is being able to do what they love to do. However, only few people discover what they love to do early in life. Lucky are those young people who started working in the path to their dream job. There are also people who spend so much time in one career only to discover later on that they wanted to do something else. * Success is Owning Stocks and not having to Work. There are people who define success as the time when you can just sit back and relax without having to worry about how you will earn the money that you will spend for the rest of your life. These people have the financial stability obtained through some business investments and through purchasing stocks. They are usually people who would like to travel and enjoy the extremes of life without having to be so much concerned about the financial risks. * Success is being able to Nurture your Family Some people associate success with having raised one's kids well. They feel that if they have sent the kids to a good school, provide for their needs and spend quality family time is the ultimate success that they can achieve. After all, for them, being able to nurture their kids well is their greatest task in life. * Success is being able to Share Idealists can define achieving success when they have the knowledge and the wisdom that they can share to their colleagues and the rest of the world. Volunteers describe success as being able to share what they have without thinking what they can get in return. Success can really be defined in many ways. Whatever personal meaning you have for success, what is important is that you do your best to achieve your goals, you abide by the rules of life and you use your skills to the fullest.