The True Meaning of Success

Success has many definitions. To enumerate all the definition of success will take a week or even more. Success is a state of achieving something that you have set out to perform and wanted to perform. Some people define success by having a big house, luxurious cars, and high position in their careers and even winning in a competition. Some people relate success to popularity and recognition. Comparison comes to the scene allowing their contentment to level the status of these people and envy their lifestyles. The simplicity of life is forgotten because for them happiness and contentment depends on what they fantasize. Most of the time, people measure the success of another person using these criteria. How about you? What is the true meaning of success for you? To define to true meaning of success is to define it for yourself instead of letting other people, you family and culture measure success for you. If you are unable to identify the meaning of success, then you do not consider yourself successful. Other people might find that you are very successful but you don't. Therefore, the way to become successful is to define it for you. Success goes with goals. Goals and goal setting are ways that you can follow the path to success. It is a state of achieving the results of a particular goal in a period. When you achieve something, you consider it a success. Everything you need in life is achieved, that is succeeding fully in accordance to what you desire. No matter how small it may seem or how easy other people may perceive the goals you have set, consider yourself successful. As long as you were able to meet that goal then you are successful. To have no goals in life would lead you to a lower chance of achieving success. Your own definition of success will act as your motivator. It gives you the strength to overcome the trial that hinders you from achieving your goals. Success is never measured by the amount of material things you have but on the value and satisfaction that you experience. If you want to be successful, then start by clarifying its meaning of success for yourself and what you value in your life. Express your real values and work towards improving these values. Success is giving your best in everything that you want to achieve. Is giving without expecting something in return. It is happiness and appreciation of life. Success is having the sense of fulfillment. To attain success, you have to set yourself in a strong and focused motion of achieving a desired goal in spite of the factors that will hinder you. In this environment of uncertainty lies the path to be successful in mind, heart, body, material things, and all aspects of life. Continuity of the motivation and desire must always be exhibited to move towards accomplishing a result you want to achieve. Keeping the fire in your heart can strengthen the will to survive, courage to uplift the spirit and expand your territories far beyond to whatever triumph you desire to conquer. Execute actions in a well-mannered behavior so that you can enjoy success in its most worthwhile status. Value the importance of trials and downfalls that you have to surpass to pursue success. Remember those times when you desired to keep yourself standing with two feet with the antagonists stepping and blocking your way to succeed. Always put in mind to make your own success as your challenge. The principle of it is keeping you on track. If you lose perseverance, you might forget your own path. The true meaning of success is measured by person