Success: A Peak at the Dark Side

Success is everything. It is the only thing that you will settle with. You will do everything to make it big, to make your efforts succeed. They say however that there is a dark side to this ideal of success. They say that in every good there is evil. Is this really the case? Do you also think so? Have you taken a look at the dark side? In reality, too much of something good can be really bad. Too much chocolates and sweets can be bad to your health in the long run. Too much partying and drinking during the night can bring you a very bad feeling the next morning. Definitely, too much of the good thing can give you adverse effects. Does this hold true in aiming for success? Does this hold true in actually taking hold of that triumphant moment? Before we delve further, it may be helpful to define first success. Success spells as simple as S-U-C-C-E-S-S, but it means differently to different people. It can get a long way from being successful in having a family, in being popular and well-liked by people to getting as much money to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. There are many ways by which people may think of success. Simply speaking, success means achieving what your heart desires or setting a goal and fulfilling it. It takes some sort of process of hard work, persistence and excellence to achieve it. It sounds so good, how can it possibly have a dark side? In aiming for success, some people may be too blinded or too engrossed in getting it quick. They would take any shortcut. They would seek any means that they can take hold of that they do not mind the consequences. Dangerous Scams There are dangerous scams out there, purporting to be the straight way to success, the shortcut to wealth and riches. They offer services or setups that would help you get rich quick. These scammers seduce people to join in their endeavors. They give out promises and offers that seem irresistible. The rewards are appealing and desirable. The rewards can range from receiving thousands of dollars in your bank account in no time. It can also include a chance to have a position in a big company they are organizing. It can also appeal to your pity, as some would claim to be doing things in the name of charity or benevolence. The worst that they can claim is,