When Quitting is a Loser

Have you ever wondered why there are people who just know the right way to success? It is as if they knew what roads to take, what signs to follow, and simply they recognize where they should go. These people are not extraordinary personalities. They are simply endowed with the right qualities that are needed in order to succeed. These qualities are the primary reason why success is only foreseeable to some and yet it is for everybody. The question is: Why is there such thing as failure and why is success seems to be the hardest word to grasp? In reality, success is turn between two personalities, those who give up easily, and those who never quit. Between the two, people who do not give up easily are those who are most likely to succeed. In close scrutiny, there are many factors that may initiate the feeling of a person to go on in spite of all the trials and obstacles that come their way. In fact, science has its own perception regarding the inclination of a person to endure the trials. Some experts on the field contend that one of the reasons why there are people who are capable of bearing all the hardships and pains is based on the physiological make up of the brain. There is a part in the brain that establishes an individual