Innovate Your Way to Success through Developing Basic People Skills

Natural, instinctive behavior is not always appropriate in the workplace. Hence, it is important to make an effort to produce behavioral patterns that lead to productive and effective teamwork, which eventually leads to success. Natural behavior is based on subjective responses that can often lead not only to negative feelings such as insecurity but also to mistaken perceptions concerning the intentions of other people. Consequently, behavioral skills that are more constructive include a proven facility to communicate positively and confidently with colleagues at all levels; the swift and generous recognition of the achievements of others; the ability to learn mistakes and failures; and a general approach that is based on collaboration with fellow workers rather than competition. Behaving Naturally People at work have the natural tendency to adopt instinctive modes of behavior that are self-protective rather than open and collaborative. This explains why emotion is a strong force in the workplace and why management often reacts fiercely to criticism and usually seeks to control rather than take risks. People also tend to leap to conclusions and fragment into small, often warring, groups. Companies exhibiting