The Secrets to Loving What You Do

How was your day? Did you wake up this morning with the feeling that you just wanted to stay in bed all day and not bother to work again? Did your day end with you hoping it is the last day of the week when your week has just started? We can say that the feeling of not wanting to get up from bed is due to some previous sleepless nights, too much activities the day before or hangover. Being so restless after a day's work can be due to having a hectic day or not having enough sleep at night. Both can also be due to not being happy with what you do. Very few people are lucky enough to immediately land on a path to their dream job. Few people have their first jobs at their dream company. Few even get a job that they wanted. Of course, if one wants to be a partner at a law firm, one doesn't just have to finish law school, pass the bar and be hired as a partner. He or she has to work hard for several years. But a bar passer can be fortunate if he or she is offered a job by a reputable law firm. Many lawyers find it hard to get a job that allows them to practice law. So how can one be happy in their jobs? Here are some tips. * Look for a hobby. You may not be able to use your interests or skills in the job in which you are currently employed, but you can always look for other options to practice them. If you love writing, perhaps you can be a freelance writer, start a web log (blog) or submit your works to publishing companies. Doing something you enjoy relieves you the stress of doing something that doesn't catch your interest. It could also be something that you can look forward to at the end of each task at work, that you will be excited about successfully finishing each assignment at work. It's like giving you a reward for each job well done. * Look for a challenge. Some people don't feel like going to work because their daily work life has been monotonous. A secretary might just have to spend her day typing letters and receiving guests, and this can sometimes be a dull task. However, she can try to make herself better by learning a different language that she can use when speaking with foreign guests. Moreover, learning new skills can also help in getting a promotion and a raise. * Spend time to relax. Many people do not really dislike their jobs, but just spend so much time at their desk or at work that they get burnt out. Doing a hobby, reading a book, seeing a movie, and spending time with family and friends are good stress busters. Also, forget your diet sometimes and just reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream or chocolate. Or if you really wanted to stick to your diet, just take a walk in the park, visit places that you've never been to, do things that you've never done, or just play with your dog. After all, animals were proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure. * Change your job. If you have tried all of the above and still feel the same, probably, it time to change your job. Maybe, it's some of your company's practices that don't work for you, and then transfer to a different company but have the same job. Or if you really like your company, but you don't like your job, maybe you can talk to your human resources personnel about options for transferring to a different department. Or perhaps, you are looking opportunities for growth. Always make research by asking the HR staff and by checking online on how you can increase your qualifications so you can get a promotion. Changing jobs can be risky, especially if you are jumping to a different field. You may initially be given a job that is below your qualifications, be given a lower salary than what you were previously receiving, and you will have to undergo an adjustment process. So do this only if you are left with no other options with your current job and company. These are just some ways on how to love and enjoy what you do. A famous quote says "If you find something that you love to do, you never have to work again a single day in your life."