"How Do I Become a Real Millionaire?

You all have your dream of one day waking up and finding a genie in a bottle who will grant your wish to become rich in an instant. Becoming a millionaire is a possibility. You just need to have a clear mindset about your financial goals and not expect to earn thousands of dollars in the flick of a finger. Here are some steps on how you can become a REAL millionaire: 1. Face up to the facts. Even in America where a lot of opportunities and possibilities arise, there are still citizens who are buried in debt and who have less than an ample amount in dollar savings. Although a lot of people are becoming millionaires, there are still more who live beyond their means and take on debts which are more than they can handle. Be literally one in a million and stay away from this attitude. 2. Have the correct mind set. Always think that if you only set your mind to do something, you can do it. If you want to become a millionaire, you can be one. Being a real millionaire is a state if being. Know how to make your money, how to spend it wisely and how to use it to your advantage. 3. Be aware of exactly what "money" means to you. Most people consider a lack of money as a problem. You must turn around and consider this situation as an opportunity. It is all in your attitude and the way you look at things. Start thinking of money as a resource, like time, to be used and managed wisely. Loving it too much or spending it inefficiently will not get you anywhere. Having more money might get you to places and earn you a lot of things, but it also increases your responsibility towards yourself and to society. 4. Go back to basics. While you are in the process of earning your first million - which is always the hardest to earn - you should go back to your basic foundation which is your attitude towards your work, other people, your family, your deep-set values and integrity. If you can handle all that wealth and still be "human" enough, then you are halfway to becoming a millionaire. 5. Earn more, spend less. Now that you have your attitude and all the basic elements out of the way, you can concentrate on your finances. You will not get to be a millionaire if you go on spending more than what you can make. Sit down and calculate. Make an in-and-out list of your budget to track your cash flow. If you are living on credit and are using one or more credit cards to live off until your next salary, get professional help to handle your finances. If you are expecting to live off from one payday to another, you can cut your spending by 25% and this is entirely possible. Remove the regular self-indulgent activities and items from your list and you would see a significant decrease in your monthly expenses. 6. Save, save, save! A good rule of thumb is to save about 5 to 20 percent of your income. Another option is for you to increase your savings per month. If, for one month, you allotted 1%, increase it to 2% the next month, then 3% the succeeding month. It is not the amount, it is the principle that you are saving something from your monthly earnings. This would also build your self-discipline, as nobody has become a millionaire by slacking off. 7. Take it slow. Except for lottery winners, nobody has become a millionaire overnight. The key to earning a great wealth is to minimize your income while maximizing your assets. You can invest on hard-to-spend assets and create a non-taxable wealth. Invest wisely and you will develop a habit of not buying or investing on anything through sheer impulse. 8. Pay your taxes. So you are already halfway to becoming a millionaire. The rule is to not pay more than what you owe in taxes. Follow the percentages that the law requires. It is better to have a financial consultant if you are already earning a lot, since there is such a thing as paying too much tax. You should learn to invest on non-taxable items and use the law of taxes to your advantage by managing your finances well. 9. Learn the in's and out's of investment. It is anybody's ball game out there. The one who makes wise investments earn the most. Try not to fall for those get-rich-quick schemes. They are never reliable. Do your research, because there are courses that you can take about investing stocks, real estate and properties. Make your money grow, do not let the money grow on you. 10. Share what you have. Money attracts more power than you would know what to do with. Once you have earned your first million, the second and the third is easier to come. Just make sure that you have the right attitude. It would not hurt to share some to charity and an organization that you feel strongly about. Finally, you cannot take your riches with you to the grave, so earn more and enjoy the process of making millions for your family.