How to find your voice

For every writer, finding his or her own voice is very essential. It is the identity, the personality, the very essence of a writer. And in the crowded writing market, clients are constantly looking for writers with their own voices. They will usually ignore all those voiceless writers that write stale and boring articles. What they are looking for is a fresh voice that would definitely get the readers' attention. Simply put, your voice is your style, your tone, the fashion of writing you feel most comfortable with. Editors may or may not decide to buy your book because of it. Readers will either love or hate you for it. A new writer should strive to find his or her own voice to be come a very. Once a writer finds his or her own voice it would already be easy to get published and earn money. What is a voce really? Well nobody can really define what a voice is. But once you will know once you found it. Finding your voice can be a very long and complicated process. Most famous writers took years to find their voices. There are even workshops out there that promise to help you find your voice. But it is only you who could look for your voice. What a new writer must do is to continue writing until they find their voice. And one day, you