The Resonance of a Childhood Memoir

Lost, is the resonance of a childhood memory, in the scuddle of daily work routines, home maintenance and the juggling of career and family. Allow yourself, for one moment, to fade back to your long-forgotten childhood. You know, the one that you've replaced with morning traffic drudge, scurrying to your office, hectic business meetings, work and more work. Just for sixty mere seconds, close your eyes and imagine yourself displaced from your present situation - No work. No hurrying to get your shopping completed. No kids. No spouse. No household chores or car repairs. Suddenly, you find yourself drifting through a long tunnel of fog. It's peaceful there. Absolute quiet with an allure of common mystique. When you exit the tunnel, you have returned to a childhood place. Where is it, that you have arrived? Is it the child within that longed to see Santa Claus magically flying 'cross rooftops in the dark, starry night? Or the child who sat in wonderment of how the moon stayed in its place and never fell down? Perhaps you're the child who marveled at fairy-tale endings and the long-awaited rescue of the knight in shining armor? Better still, you've arrived at a stage in your life that invokes the lost innocense of childhood imagination, playful intrigue and blissful creativy. There are no boundaries here. The world is your playground. Now think - what is it, at this precise moment that is the most important objective in your life? It's not obtaining the Hummer at your auto dealer, nor is it the promotion at work or the house on the hill... your only objective as a child is to have fun. Your overwhelming desire to play and enjoy life is your only goal. It's not getting up at 4am to fight shoppers at the local department store for the day-after-Thanksgiving sale. It's not making a deadline to get that business proposition in... no, for just that moment, you've realized where your heart truly lies. Children, in retrospect, are the morning's glory, and the ultimate hope of all that we manifest. You see, for that moment in time, we've rediscovered the meaning of our life. Children present themselves as the untapped passion of life's zest. When we permit ourselves to take a back seat to life's sometimes, very fast lane, we lose track of our own personality and individual conceptions. Caught up in "keeping up with the Jones'" theory, we struggle for acceptance in a sometimes cruel world. Our battle for riches can often cloud our vision and leave us in a tailspin of unhappiness, greed and false pride. There is no longer a true sense of achievement, rather a vicious cycle of envy that disallows ultimate happiness and personal fulfillment. By miscalculating our motives, we diminish our own morals, ethics and personal quest for growth and enlightenment. Do you sometimes ask yourself, "What am I doing with my life?" Good. This is a query that more persons should truly begin to focus on. In life, there should be no imitations or fraudulent manifestations of the human potential. We should not begin to confuse ourselves of what is real and attainable, with what is superficial and unreliable. You see, when you take a look into your childhood and rehash the subconcsious memory of what is really important, you will find that love and happiness are the true aspirations of mankind. Success and prosperity are always sure to follow. Perhaps today is the day you can make that trip to memory lane and decide for once, what life means to you. Just some thoughts.