Ask For And Go For What You Want

Do you think that brand new laptop that you saw at Circuit city will just magically appear in your home, or what about those projects that you know you need to start, do you think they will start themselves? Hey, what about that quiet time that you really need? Do you think your children will magically disappear for a few hours after drawing you a nice hot bubble bath? Heck No! So, think to yourself. What is on your wish list? Is it starting your own business, have a monthly date night with your significant other, have some quality time to yourself? Also ask yourself, Have I kept this wish list to myself? Please tell me that you are not waiting for your friends, loved ones, coworker or those you network with to read your mind and then hand deliver what you are secretly wishing for. At times we may keep our mouths closed and not ask for what we want out of fear of rejection or fear of seeming pushy or needy. For most women, just the thought of asking other for help or for a favor is enough to keep their mouths shut and their dreams far a way! In order to ask for and go after what you want, it is important to get clear about what you want and be able to describe it in detail.. Once you know what you want, be totally willing to ask for it whenever you get the chance. This holds true in your business and personal relationships. It is important to learn that is okay for someone to say "No". It is also important to learn that it is ok for any given situation to not turn out the way you hoped it to go. Failure and/or rejections do not have to be the final word, actually it can be the opening for further negotiation. Take time to reflect on what happened. Were you specific about what you wanted? Did you approach the correct person, did you communicate yourself clearly? And most importantly, 'How can your refine your request for the next time you ask it? Next, make list of the people who come to mind when you think of what you want. For instance, if you want to start your own Virtual Assistance business, why not search online for forums or websites that specialize in that area. If you find such a forum, acquaint yourself with the members and simply introduce yourself and ask for advice, guidance and help. The only way people can help you is if you let them know that you need help. You will be amazed at how many people truly enjoy lending a hand to others, and just think, the more you grown and learn, the more hands you can to lend a helping hand to others as well.