The Questions We Don't Ask

Day by day we go about our lives. We interact with those around us, making friends and building relationships that can last a lifetime. Yet, all too often, we forget something. We end up too tied up in our own problems, missing the vital information right in front of our noses that relates to those around us. Is it any wonder then that they miss the same important issues for us? I'd like to see myself as a considerate person, aware of what is going on around me. Unfortunately I'd often be wrong. Because it doesn't always matter when you miss the little things, but once in a while the larger things come right back to bite you. You blame others, wondering "Why didn't they tell me?" when the simple answer is sometimes just "Because you didn't ask." Presuming someone will understand is a dangerous thing to do. We're human and fallible; we don't know all the answers but we do need to know how to ask the questions. There will always be regrets, what-ifs and if-only-I-had-knowns. They are inevitable in life. However, the next time you are wondering why you didn't know about something, look inside yourself and see what you could have done to be more aware. Maybe you did everything you could. Maybe you didn't. A little more attention and an increased awareness of outside events could have made all the difference. An "Are you okay?" or "Is there anything I can do to help?" could have made the difference in a person's day. Even in the most depressing of our own troubles we need to watch out for those around us, for if we don't who will watch out for ourselves? The past is gone. There is no point in anybody blaming themselves for it, just learning from it and working towards the future. After all, what goes around comes around, and the person needing support the next time might very well be you.