Complain to be heard!

Complain to be heard folks. What was the last thing that bothered you? I mean really bothered you? Was it someone who cut you off in traffic? Rude attitudes at your favorite coffee shop? Poor customer service? Or perhaps it was something more important... Perhaps a politician lied, or a murderer got away. Something you saw on public tv you didn't think was appropriate. Well it's time to complain to be heard. Most recently the Seahawks were abused in the Superbowl, and thats enough to complain about. When something bothers you, make a point to let the world know! I did, by posting It's all about the 12th man. The referee. The teams both played hard, but I don't think either expected what came about. So I'm going to complain to be heard, and you should too! Take my lead and the next time you feel the need to be heard, build yourself a website and "Complain to be heard!". Most of the greatest web URL's are still available. Just go to a common domain registration site, like or yahoo and start typing away domain registration ideas until you find the site that fits your complaint best. Register it, get it hosted, and tell the world how you feel. I did. a Follow my lead.